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5 Austrian Artists You Should Listen To Right Now

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

After two hectic years of quarantine and social distancing, new acts have emerged from nothing, creating enough of a buzz for themselves that it has caught the attention of music enthusiasts across the city of Vienna. In no chronicle order, here’s a list of five new artists you should tune in and support before they become too big and you can no longer state that you were here from the very beginning.

1. Bouncy

Just under the age of 18, young rapper Bouncy is taking the Viennese rap scene by storm. Making his first appearance in the beginning of the year 2022 with ‘Abella Danger’ and now his latest release ‘Shaniqua’ under the management of infamous label Akashic Records. It is clear as day that this young talent is here to stay. With a mixture of drill beats and clever punchlines, one could declare him as Austria’s younger version of UK rapper Central Cee, if he could speak German fluently. At this stage, only time will tell what else Bouncy has got to deliver.

2. CRZ

With an impressive number of five songs/features released under the A&A label since the beginning of the year 2022, singer-rapper CRZ (pronounced as Chris) portrays the epidemie of modern sound with a twist of soft trap. Dabbling between the languages of German and English, the young artist is able to create this perfect balance, enabling viewpoints in a variety of expressions and worth-mentioning skills. If we’re talking about good vibes and talent, CRZ has it all.

3. Skinny B

Not too new on the scene however, always refreshing to hear about him again is none other than rapper Skinny B. Far from his first release ‘Let Go’ in 2019, as of late, B can be found rhyming on rock inspired beats with lyrics of never giving up and a fun time. As his self-proclaimed comeback, B made noise with newly released songs ‘ZAZA’ and ‘Froze’, proving to everyone that he is not over yet and still has a lot more to offer.

4. Gubbi Mane

If there’s one Austrian rapper that has been in everybody’s mouth for the past years, then it has to be Ivory Coast born personality Gubbi Mane. Whether it is his fashion sense or charisma, some of it has evidently translated into his music. Taking inspiration from the likes of a young Playboi Carti at the peak of mumble rap, his social media presence in Vienna is a force to reckon with. After his EP ‘TrashPack2020!’ in 2021 and little to one official single releasing this year on Spotify, staying true to a meme-like character and not-too-serious delivery, one could only guess if it can stand against the test of time.

5. OGD

With so much more yet to prove however, remarkable contribution as the second act for songs such as Sacré’ and IONESCU’, German-speaking rapper OGD is destined to take over the Austrian rap scene. His strong presence and familiar music style is the best recipe for what the city of Vienna is in need of right now. His latest single ‘Foreign’ that was released under the A&A Label is giving us just a glimpse of what the young rapper is capable of and a guarantee to a bright future.

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Oct 06, 2022

They basically all from the same corner…don’t you know any females?

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