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ANNY is Next Up in Vienna and Here's Why...

When we take a look at the current climate of Viennese music, one person that pops to mind and not to take lightly at all is newcomer Antony Lopes Marek best known as ANNY. Unlike the traditional pathways to secure a lasting career in music, Antony paves his own way by building the record label A&A from scratch as the chief musical officer, alongside chief executive officer Alex M. and chief creative officer Alex Kefi. Both operating as a music manager and artist of his own label, with this recent release, Antony truly proves that he is capable of it all and as he is slowly growing to stardom, so do all of the artists under his care.

ANNY’s creative journey began at a very young age, already showing an interest in music and expressing himself in a variety of ways. In fact, that once landed him into recording a professional children's song and was released then for the world to hear. Today, the Brazilian born artist has turned his passion to reality and evokes his deepest emotions when he sees fit. ‘Perfect’, which is his first single and solo appearance, can be interpreted as a long walk into the deep forest of love. Throughout the song, Antony expresses his unconditional feelings towards his significant other, portraying a sense of fidelity and arousal. At first glance, it may sound like a slow burner however, the more you get into ANNY’s serenading passionate singing, and the closer to complete auditory satisfaction. Similar to Canadian singer PARTYNEXTDOOR’s musical approach, the beat produced by NoVili builds up at different stages where each time, Antony reveals a different layer to him. Accompanied by a sombre music video, one falls into the depth of a romantic story, astonished by his lyrical abilities and the scenery of each cut.

One of his previous songs worth mentioning is fan-favourite IONESCU’ featuring CRZ & OGD. Quite stylistically distinguishable from Perfect’, the raw and hard delivery won the hearts of 39k viewers on YouTube and almost 10k listeners on Spotify. Dabbling between hard 808s and clever lines such as ‘Balling on these b****** like IONESCU’, ANNY lets loose his masculine side and delivers at all times. The music video filmed at an aesthetically rough area, portrays an exotic car with Antony’s group of male friends surrounding it. While the three artists exchange rap lyrics, the momentum becomes more and more intense, ravishing each of their bad boy image.

Perhaps a recent display that took fans for a surprise was the first episode of FlowCheck hosted by Austrian producer-duo Murdsdrum with guest appearance ANNY. First announced by the A&A record label’s YouTube channel, the show invites the best artists to a session where one must come up with a beat and freestyle on the first instinct. In that particular studio session, Antony was asked to make a song on the spot, leaving many viewers shocked by the end result. Under 10 minutes, not only does he come up with the perfect melody to a slow piano chord, but also relentlessly freestyles above it all. This episode shows a massive growth and balance on the artist’s side, mixing German and English together and also, singing as much as rapping under one breath.

Showcasing a fun side to the artist and a glimpse of his everyday life appeared on the first The Life of A&A episode. On the video, ANNY is captured at the Zalando x Tommy Hilfiger recent event, seen vibing late at night in the studio and lastly, filming his timeless music video for Perfect’. The series is made available so one may form a deeper connection with their favourite artist under the A&A record label. With a focus on the human side of each individual, it gives us an insight on one hand, what makes them artists worth to follow but also, what eventually makes them relatable.

At this point, you may ask yourself; what makes ANNY so special? Well, one of these things is the unique pathway in which he has chosen for himself. Nowadays, most upcoming artists sell themselves short to a record deal with a major, whereas Antony decided to sign himself, ANNY. Taking from the chapters of the likes of CEO Jay Z, such a decision so early on in his career will only provide full-control and ownership of his ongrowing music catalogue, proving that he is here for the long run. Another aspect about Antony that makes him stand out from the crowd is that he is multilingual. With that in mind, ANNY can not only jump from one language onto another, but also, experiment a range of styles and genres not limited to a specific culture or any country. This makes him boundless and a major threat to the Austrian music scene. Most importantly, ANNY has evidently a great ear for discovering new artists such as OGD, CRZ, and more- making them part of the A&A family.

If there’s one thing that is sure about ANNY is he will not stick to what everyone already does and what is already out there, however, apply his own touch and elevate it to a higher level which makes him unstoppable both as an artist and CMO.

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