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No Time No Energy: Friday Release

GOOZE has come back with a brand new single. It's out today, go check it out!

How will my future be shaped ?

With today's different kinds of pressure one is always pushed to constantly deliver in order to ,,be given" a place in society. In his new release GOOZE addresses the pressure of the meritocracy we live in and how the fear of the future causes a lack of drive, in result leading to more anxiety about the future.

GOOZE is very specific about how he lost his drive a long time ago and let himself go. He reflects on a time in which he seemed to be capable of coping with the pressure to perform, but then suddenly slips. GOOZE can no longer find the connection and now asks himself the question of how his future will be shaped .....

We got to talk to GOOZE right before his release & were surprised about all the new things we discovered about him. It's guaranteed you will take away a few things as well.

Stay tuned !

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