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5 Vienna based female artists you should know

Vienna has grown to be a hotspot for aspiring artists. Therefore, it is about time to introduce you to some musical variety straight from the capital city of Austria

Unfortunately, women are still extremely underrepresented in the music industry, — as in most other sectors as well. Although a lot has changed for the better over the last decade, the road to gender equality is still not done. It is long overdue to give more credit to female artists and their work.

This is exactly why we want to introduce 5 female artists that you should know, when talking about the music scene in Vienna. Side fact: Chances are very high you already heard of them anyways.

(Disclaimer*) This article is, among other things, about gender inequality and female empowerment within the music scene, which is why it is especially addressing FLINTA*s. This debate is by no means about excluding anyone. Achieving gender equality and empowering girls and women is vital to build a fair, inclusive and peaceful society.


Starting with Verifiziert – not only does she represent female empowerment in the local industry, she also showcases the Viennese lifestyle and culture.

By portraying the restlessness of young adulthood in the city while experiencing anonymity, loneliness and love, Veri (short for Verena) has managed to remain relatable for many young people. Surely, this constitutes a key factor for her success, which started with her first single release in 2019.

Her most recent album "adhs”, referring to her own diagnosis with ADHD, complements the success of her previous releases and at the same time presents some well-known faces, such as Longus Mongus and Kid Kapri as feature guests. Between house and German pop, her sound, in combination with her special vocal color and remarkable hooks, will simply sweep you away.

As you can see, the artist's diverse components form a whole new context to the Viennese music scene.


Astoundingly unique and even more talented, Keke aka Kiara Hollatko is one of the most exciting newcomers of recent years and, according to Vogue Germany, is destined to become the voice of a whole generation. She is an inspiration to many young women, not only because she stands for feminism, but especially because she is outspoken about mental health.

In her lyrics she addresses depression and anxiety, which she herself has been suffering from for years. Many fans and followers who struggle with these issues are able to identify with her because she openly speaks about her own battle. On social media, she uses her voice to raise awareness. She talks about eating disorders, Fatphobia and body image struggles which in many cases is still not talked freely about. However, what truly sets Keke apart is her musical diversity and her enthusiasm to constantly reinvent herself. The most recent proof of this are her most recent releases in 2023, which couldn't be more contrasting. While expressing vulnerability and tenderness with some incredible vocals on soft piano music in “Storyline” , she is demonstrating her rap skills on her latest release “Bunny Hop”, a Hyperpop song featuring Jinka which is characterized by a brut sound and funky beats.

Time will tell whether Keke will become the voice of our generation, but she has already proven to have the potential to do so.

Her variety makes us come back for more !


Skofi is the solo project of the young musician and producer Sarah Kofranek. The multi- instrumentalist has already reached over 1 million streams on Spotify & co. while also producing and ghost-writing for other artists worldwide.

Born and raised in Vienna, Sarah has been involved with music since she was a child. Among other things, like playing the guitar and violin, she started producing her own beats at the age of 14.

Over the last few years, she has repeatedly attracted the spotlight with her music. Her own and unique vibe made her stand out from the crowd, distinguished by a dreamy lo-fi aesthetic, pastel-colored music videos and a penchant for house music. She met the producer Roman Himmelbauer, who is known as “Skyfarmer”, at a concert in 2018 and they instantly clicked. Since then, the two artists have worked on many projects and created a lot of music together, all while continuing their journey as solo artists.

Skofi wishes to express her creativity as freely as possible and work with all kinds of artists from different genres in the future. A young talent who manages to capture and reproduce the aesthetics of everyday life, we are excited to hear a lot more from Skofi !

Eli Preiss

Eli Preiss, signed by the Vienna based label “MOM I MADE IT”, has already set the foundation for a groundbreaking career with her former releases and represents the local industry like no other artist right now. Alongside with her friends from SWIFT CIRCLE, like Bibiza and Brown- Eyes White Boy she is one of the biggest talents in the local rap scene and is just as deeply rooted in it. Her completely unique and versatile sound is influenced by RnB nostalgia from the 2000s, into which she incorporates her very own futuristic style. This can also be seen on her recent album “b.a.d.”, which was super successful especially with the single “Wein in Wien”, that achieved its breakthrough through social media.

Besides that, Eli advocates for feminism and clarifies her position in an interview with “der Standard” in 2021, during the “Deutschrap MeToo” movement, where she reported on her own experiences with sexism in the German rap scene. Oftentimes she encounters no other female, besides herself, in the music studio. That is a common phenomenon in all kinds of jobs in the music industry. There are very few female producers, mix and masters, etc. and the reason behind it, is not that they generally do not exist but because they do not have the same platform and visibility as male artists, producers, etc.

With her openness Eli encourages others and represents a modern, inclusive, and emancipated Vienna, with strong women who follow their own path without letting anything stop them.

This is one of the many reasons, besides her powerful music, why we are so thrilled for her!

Donna Savage

Last but definitely not least: Donna Savage. The rapper is still at the beginning of her carrier but has shown, at least since her recent release “uff, nein” featuring Eli Preiss that she is destined to make a huge impact in the industry. With uncompromising punchlines, the talented artist from Vienna has been proving since her first single release in 2021 that she belongs on the big stage.

Donna stands for powerful lyrics and strapping confidence combined with her smokey voice on dynamic beats produced by Brenk Sinatra, whose new music label Wave Planet Records she is signed to.

Managing the balance between street and art without stigmatizing herself is not the only remarkable thing about her- she also shares her opinion about gender inequality in our patriarchal society and the struggles, especially women have to deal with because of that.

One year ago, she released the anti- catcalling anthem "Blutwiese“. It translates to "Blood Meadow" and describes a physical place in which conflicts are usually carried out with the use of violence.

In her music video, Donna takes on women's conflicts with catcalling and sexual abuse, leaving no doubt that she has no tolerance for any form of intolerance. Other female artists, such as Eli Preiss and Verifiziert, also recorded statements for the Intro to underline this important message: Women still encounter catcalling and harassment everyday, that none of them should have to put up with it.

Powerful Statement from powerful women, we love!

According to statistic Austria, every fourth woman in Austria from the age of 15 experiences physical and sexual violence. If you notice any form of harassment in public or private, whether it is against women, LGBTQI+ members, POC or anyone else, please do not look away! By intervening and standing up for others, we are able to take the first step towards a tolerant and open society, free from oppression and inequality.

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Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott
Jun 29, 2023

Donna Savage makes just great songs. Inspired by her song, I made this amv with .html with the help of it turned out to cut the video grammatically, apply special effects and show the viewer the atmosphere

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