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The time has finally come: welcome to the first edition of our Release Radar!

We've launched this exciting new format to ensure that you never miss out on the hottest releases. As the local music scene continues to evolve, our mission is to present to you only the hottest shit, so you can stay on top of your game.

In this Release Radar, we are thrilled to bring you five brand new Songs and EPs that are definitely worth adding to your playlist. From up-and-coming talents to established artists, we've curated a diverse mix of releases from the dynamic world of hip-hop. Whether you crave atmospheric beats, thought-provoking lyrics, or innovative collaborations,

we've got exactly what you need to satisfy your musical appetite.

So, get ready to put on your headphones and dive into the latest tracks that are making waves in the german speaking music industry and especially the local scene in Vienna.

Without further ado, here are 5 brand new releases that you definitely can‘t miss out on !

Donna Savage- Parole Donna

With the release of her EP "Parole Donna" on 19th May, Viennese rapper Donna Savage once again asserts her impact on the local music industry and proves, that her talent belongs on the big stage.

Alongside her powerful lyrics and fierce self-confidence, this release unveils a softer and more natural vocal range that complements her perfectly. In terms of both content and style, she continues to perform on her new EP with the authentic, energetic attitude that her fans have come to celebrate so much about her.

On singles such as "Schumacher" or "Simple Life",

which features a guest appearance by rising Frankfurt rapper OG LU, Donna presents her hard lines, while at the same time showing completely different facets for the first time with songs like "Fresh" and "On Read", which prove her versatility with her flows and her voice.

"Parole Donna" was created in a three-day studio session together with Vienna's beat grandmaster Brenk Sinatra, who was responsible for producing and recording the entire EP - and did an extremely good job.

The artwork for the cover rounds off the whole thing perfectly and was created by up-and-coming Viennese artist Mias. With this work, Donna not only succeeds in creating a statement in her career, but also in portraying her own life, between the hustle and bustle of the studio and everyday life in the big city.

To sum it up: This EP is as cool and powerful as Donna herself!

Listen here.

Kion X Mo. Nomad- Bolivenöl

News from the Pan Kee Bois! Since 2019, the creative collective around Kion, Sluq, Aris, Hnnzy, Maro and Kobein has been redefining the standards of German rap through their innovative music and visual artistry.

After numerous successful singles, three albums and videos with melodic sounds and trap beats, one of them in particular is now taking off on his own. After the first joint drop of Kion and producer Mo. Nomad in early May, a new release of them is now making waves, revealing a softer side of the rapper.

With “Bolivenöl“ the guys effortlessly manage to create a light and melancholic vibe perfect for the beginning of summer, combined with their signature laid-back attitude and under-pinned it with guitar chords over trap beats.

Continuing their trend of in-house creativity, the visuals, direction, and editing for "Bolivenöl" are once again handled by collective member Aris, resulting in a truly successful music video production. Fans can also anticipate an upcoming album collaboration between Kion and Mo. Nomad, which is sure to build upon their previous successes and deliver even more exceptional music.

These two will continue to excite us with their talent and artistic evolution, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us next!

Listen here.

Bibiza- Wiener Schickeria

It's hard to imagine the Viennese scene without him. Bibiza straight-up channels Falco vibes on his debut album, while representing the Viennese dolce vita.

With “Wiener Schickeria“, the 23-year-old serves a well-seasoned mixture of talent and madness with (lost) love, drug consumption, lots of emotion and needless to say an ode to his hometown, Vienna!

Between too many white lines, embracing the Viennese decadence, and carrying a touch of world-weariness, the artist man-ages to represent his own diversity and love of detail, mastering the balancing act between hip-hop, indie rock and pop seamlessly.

All 21 (!) songs are introduced and announced by Nicholas Ofzarek, an actor at Vienna's Burgtheater. Wondering if it is a coincidence, that the only „feature“ on the whole album is advertising Bibiza’s art or if it is further about showcasing the viennese self confidence the artist embodies.

Artistically speaking, the album is fine-tuned down to the smallest detail and combines the artistic figure of Bibiza with the prototype of Viennese chic.

Because of that you should definitely, although this applies to all albums, take the time to listen to this one from start to finish to enjoy the overall impression.

Listen here.

Verifiziert X Foodforthought- Rufnummer Unbekannt

Veri has been making a name for herself in the local music scene with her uniqueness, her special vocal color and undeniable talent.

Recently, she released her latest single "Rufnummer Unbekannt" in collaboration with the promising Viennese producer, Food for Thought. This track serves as the lead single from his upcoming producer tape, scheduled to release on June 1st.

A foretaste definitely worth listening to!

The hyper-pop sound, which is not entirely untypical for Veri, lyrically meets very strong heartbreak vibes that embody authenticity and realness while resonating to the listeners. The track starts out deceptively calm until the synths start to tug, the drums stutter and Veri's voice breaks. This particular sonic fusion, which both artists really get behind, gives this rather melancholic track a certain something.

To top it all off, up-and-coming visual artist Julia (entjuligung) provides a stunning cover.

With all these elements combined, this song definitely deserves a prime spot in your playlist !

Listen here.

Fergy 53 X Al Majeed - VSOP City

And last but not least, we gotta put you on to this drop from our neighbors in Germany that is absolutely worth every second of your attention! Fergy 53 has been one of the most underrated artists in the German scene and together with the upcoming berlin producer and artist Al Majeed, part of Hutmacher Entertainment, he has released a tape that makes a statement. As is often the case with this artist, the promotion was not a big deal, because Fergy doesn’t seem to seek the spotlight online. Despite of that, his music speaks for himself and every track is a hit!

The same applies to this EP: with a skillful mix of cloud rap and hip hop, the guys put songs like "GFF" and "Geblockt" on top and even feature Viennese local Gola Gianni on the last track of the EP.

To sum up, VSOP City is a really successful statement piece, a must-have in the current hip-hop scene and a big recommendation from us!

Listen here.

After this breakdown, you should be in the loop about the latest releases and their interesting details. We've got you covered when it comes to the hottest stuff in the music industry and local scene in Vienna !!

Stay tuned for the following editions of Release Radar!


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