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3 Most Anticipated Projects to Release This Fall

As the fall season is about to begin, it appears to have brought new opportunities for emerging Austrian artists to start a brand new chapter and test waters. Although there are a great number of songs that could have made it on the list, these Austrian acts in particular have made a great impression and seem to want to push boundaries even further. Leaves come and go just like falling snow however, the new releases from these 3 up-coming artists are projects aiming to stay on your radar for a little while.

Kein Bock Mehr - CRZ

Back on the Viennese scene with a direction of sound we were not expecting at all is none other than singer-rapper CRZ (Pronounced Chris) with upcoming track ‘Kein Bock Mehr’. Set to release on the 28th of October, Chris takes us to an interesting plot twist, with a house music inspired beat, far from anything we’ve heard from him thus far. First introduced 9 months ago by A&A Records with NOVA’ and recently, known for his well-received contribution on ‘Sacré’, Chris never fails to surprise us and lengthen his music catalogue in every genre he can put his hands on. KBM is a guaranteed banger and only expected to be played repeatedly on the street.

Options - Fang

Making a bold comeback after a long period of silence is artist FANG with new song ‘Options’. Previously falling into the trap of appearing only as a feature to several ground-breaking releases, the young act will finally reveal his first solo music, exploring the depths of his current struggles. As an explanation, FANG shared: The message of this song is even though life doesn’t always go as planned, there is still hope for better days’.

The song is set to come outhis Friday, the 22nd of October.

LAKERS - 721 Squad

New to the scene however, prepared to cause an absolute rocos is 721 Squad. Duo LJ and 1uca72 have been buddies since childhood based in the small town of Bad Fischau.​​ To recount their first encounter, LJ explains; ‘We started to grow close by the time we played football on the same team and went to school together. Currently, we meet up almost daily to hang out, watch sports and make music’.

Set to release on the 22nd of November, their first single ‘LAKERS’ under the A&A Record Label can be described as a fun and energetic head-bopper.

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