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Dream collaboration between Austrian artists/rappers/singers

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

As Vienna is becoming more and more of an international city, it opens doors for new possibilities of collaboration and fusion between interesting artists alike. For that reason, it is only natural for one to wonder what some of these exciting get-togethers could sound like and how much joy it would provide to the music community across genres. In this article, we will visit some of these supporters’ fantasies that one day might as well become a reality. Some of which we as listeners already anticipated and others that we would be utterly surprised about.

Gola Gianni x CRZ

The idea of a collaboration between rapper-singer CRZ (Pronounced Chris) and Florida born Austrian rapper Gola Gianni sounds better the longer one truly thinks about it. Although they may both sound differently sonically, their content and lyrics coincide each other on numerous takes. Moreover, the two rappers have quite a similar aesthetic and would undoubtedly form a killer of a music video. On a recent podcast under the A&A Record Label, Chris revealed that he had interest in working with the rapper Gola. Could you imagine having CRZ singing on the chorus while Gola Gianni rapping his heart out on each verse? We can!

Bouncy x OGD

Rapper Bouncy and OGD collaborating together would feel only natural. Out of the list, they are the pair who have the most compatibility as both of their careers are on the rise and they seem to have brought a lot of attention with both singles ‘FOREIGN’ and ‘Shaniqua’. We can easily imagine both of them going at each other with German punchlines, trying to outrap each other and ending up providing us the best back and forth the city of Vienna has ever seen. Moreover, one could also argue that these rappers have a similar audience and their supporters will be more than delighted to hear them on a track together.

Meydo x ANNY

What may come across as a shock for some would be the collision of Graz born rapper Meydo from the infamous record label Akashic and singer-rapper ANNY from newly formed record label A&A. One of the reasons why they could be a potential good match as collaborators is because on a recent podcast produced by A&A record label, they have proven to have more in common than we may have thought. Due to Meydo’s origin and ANNY’s former education, both artists are multilingual and could even choose to come up with a track completely in french. In other words, the options are abundant and with the right sound at the right time, these music heads could easily create a classic. On the same podcast where Rmess and Meydo appeared as guests, ANNY showed interest in working with him. Only the future will tell if the two lads will come together.

Eli Preiss x FANG

After FANG went into his deepest of emotions describing his struggles with recent solo debut Options’, the singer-rapper seems to be following a new direction stylistically, which would make room for potential female listeners. As a perfect feature to accompany him on his new journey could be the likes of Austrian pop singer Eli Preiss. The pair could form a beautifully written breakup song for support of a female audience going through a heartbreak, or spill their feelings when a person falls in love for the first time, which both may be well aware of. Nonetheless, it would be right on time for the love season as the winter is coming.

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